Waterfront Narragansett Vacation Rentals

Why stay anywhere else but in our waterfront Narragansett vacation rentals? Overlook the ocean and soak in every wisp of fresh ocean air. Lounge out all day long in this colonial-inspired village, away from the hustle and bustle, in a town forever defined by a bygone era of simpler times.

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Our Narragansett waterfront rentals may include many features and amenities:

  • Stunning views of the ocean and easy access at any time
  • Multiple bedroom options, with Rhode Island waterfront rentals up to five bedrooms to accommodate big groups
  • Central air conditioning to keep everyone comfortable, all the time
  • Outdoor features, like furniture, a shower, and a lounge deck.
  • Kitchen stocked with all the items you need, including pots and pans, dishes, glasses and coffee mugs, silverware, and more
  • Close proximity to iconic local attractions, like the Scarborough State Beach and other Narragansett beaches
  • Extra lofted bedroom with a balcony to enjoy your rental space in style

We make sure that all our waterfront Narragansett, Rhode Island vacation home rentals have character and uniqueness. When you want to head out of your rental for a bit, you have so much to see. From the delightfully-classic colonial Towers to the family-friendly beaches, the village has a variety of activities and attractions. You can stop by one of the state’s most famous sights, the Point Judith Lighthouse. Visit at dusk to capture the still-functioning beacon continuing on, a relic from the 1810s.

All our Narragansett waterfront vacation rentals are charming, filled with unique character and captivating traits. This is so much more than a basic hotel stay. You get lively accommodations, with strong colonial overtones with a whole lot of style. Every rental, from a large home on the water to one of our two-bedroom cottages, is specifically designed to make your stay lovely and memorable.