Beachfront Narragansett Vacation Rentals

Try beachfront vacation rentals in Narragansett for your next vacation. The quiet, laid-back atmosphere of Narragansett has many families and friends coming back year after year. Staying in a cottage lets you have all the comforts and conveniences of home, but you are transported right to the beach. At Durkin Cottage Realty, we have been setting up groups, small and large, in charming and amenity-packed beachfront rentals in Narragansett for years. Some of our Narragansett beachfront rentals sleep up to 12 people, so the whole gang can come along, and you can all enjoy Narragansett, the beach, and each other.

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Things to Do in Narragansett

You won’t run out of things to do in Narragansett, whether it’s shopping, seeing historic sights, or eating out. Many of our visitors went to college here, married their college sweethearts, and are now returning with their families. Narragansett is quiet and tranquil, so you can really enjoy each other without being distracted. Narragansett is where people who want to connect with their friends and family come on vacation. Staying right on the beach affords you many opportunities to take long walks, look for seashells, and really get to know each other. Staying in Narragansett beachfront rentals provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Why Stay with Durkin Cottage Realty

Our beachfront rentals in Narragansett have ample indoor and outdoor spaces, so you won’t be too crowded. Relax, stretch out, play board games or outdoor games, and enjoy the sunsets. Bring your own linens and towels, and you can refresh them as often as you like with the in-home washers and dryers that some of our cottages have. Many beachfront cottages also have outdoor grills, showers, and picnic tables. At Durkin Cottage Realty, we are here to make sure your Narragansett vacation goes smoothly, so be sure to ask us any questions you have. Contact us through our website or call 401-789-6659 today.

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