Beginner’s Guide to Narragansett, Rhode Island Vacation

Narragansett is a peaceful little town on the coast of Rhode Island. With incredible beaches and in close proximity to the University of Rhode Island, this picturesque town has a place for everyone.

With affordable houses for rent in Narragansett, RI, it is hard to find a better spot for a beach getaway!

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Brief History

The Narragansett Bay area was settled in 1635. Marked by clashes with Natives and having been hit by a few hurricanes over the years, the town has a rocky history. In more modern times, the town is known for the University of Rhode Island Bay campus on the north end of town that boasts a celebrated oceanographic school. Professor Robert Ballard, one of the explorers who found the Titanic, calls this school home. 

What is Narragansett Known For?

Narragansett is known for their fantastic beaches with great surf conditions year-round, its close proximity to the University of Rhode Island, and the Towers. The Towers (built in 1886) have seen two fires, a number of hurricanes, and years of neglect, but they are now a shining moment to the town of Narragansett. The last remaining piece of the Narragansett Pier Casino, it is now a historical site that hosts many events from ballroom dance lessons to historical tours and private weddings. The Towers are now iconic for the town. 

Where is Narragansett Located?

Narragansett is located on the eastern most coast of Rhode Island, a 15-minute trip from the University of Rhode Island. The town is also 90 minutes from Boston and a 3-hour drive from New York City. Its location means it is easy to travel to by car if you live in the surrounding area but also remote enough that it can provide a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

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Best Things to Do

There are so many great things to do in Narragansett. Being right on the ocean, there are of course incredible beaches. Narragansett Town Beach, with its clear sand and view of the Towers, is a local favorite for surfing as well as Scarborough State Beach. If you have young children, Roger Wheeler and Salty Brine State Beach are recommended for its calmer surf. There are many surf shops that offer lessons for both beginners and more experienced surfers as well. For those looking to hit the water by boat, the area features several businesses offering private fishing charters and boat rentals if you prefer to explore on your own terms.

If you would rather do some sight-seeing in this historic town, you can take a trip to Point Judith Lighthouse, which is open to the public by day. This location is still an active Coast Guard station, so be sure to clear out once the sun goes down! Another fun activity in town is to take the ferry over to Block Island! A quick 30-minute trip on the ferry opens but all new beaches, hiking trails, and fishing locations.

Black Point Park, the Fisherman’s Memorial at Camp Cronin, or Sunset Farm are all great areas to explore with their own unique features. If staying active is on your list of vacation priorities consider yoga on Town Beach, kayaking the river to Narragansett Bay, or renting a bike to ride around town. One of our favorite spots is the bike path in South Kingston.

Best Place to Eat

Narragansett has some incredible local food spots. If you are in the mood for classic burgers—and vegan options!—check out Crazy Burger Café and Juice Bar. They have some of the best build-your-own-burgers around. If you are looking for seafood, Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House is a local spot with a walk-up window offering fried seafood, burgers, and, of course, donut holes! 

Where to Stay

Whether you are trying to get away from college for the weekend, a family looking for a vacation, parents visiting their kids, or just looking for a getaway, Narragansett is the place to be! Narragansett rentals are priced affordably, with great access to both the college and the beach, making it a perfect place to rent.

Plan Your Visit

There are plenty of gorgeous rental properties around town, from smaller homes for more intimate occasions to larger houses for the whole family. Check out our Narragansett rentals today!

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