Best Beaches to Visit Near Narragansett, Rhode Island

What’s one of the best things to do in Narragansett? When you explore the authentic historical architecture and attractions and the exemplary Narragansett seafood restaurants, you have to make a little room for the glorious Rhode Island beaches.

The Narragansett beaches are particularly impressive. With a mix of stunning waterside vista and rocky paths, these beaches represent the perfect ideal of the northeastern coastline.
We cover the best four best state and town beaches in the area. When you stay at one of our Narragansett vacation rentals, set aside some time by the gentle surf of these top beach attractions.

narragansett rhode island beaches

Roger W. Wheeler State Beach (Sand Hill Cove Beach)

An impressive breakwater barrier keeps the Roger W Wheeler State Beach one of the safest and family-friendliest escapes in the area. The calm beach and the wide open views are welcoming for families looking for a safe afternoon away.

The fact that the beach is known for its high safety is not coincidental. Roger W. Wheeler, the titular founder of the beach, helped establish the Rhode Island State Life-Saving System. The state beach has numerous conveniences and amenities, many surrounded by the idea of creating a safe and secure space for guests. This includes hot showers, a playground, a picnicking pavilion with 63 tables, a concession stand, and an educational area. The premiere safety addition is an extremely tall lifeguard tower that is manned 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The beach is located at 100 Sand Hill Cove Road.

Scarborough State Beach

Scarborough State Beach is undeniably the state’s most famous beach haven. It has many small Narragansett attractions, including the boardwalk and expansive observation tower. The site also hosts many special summer seasonal events, so spend a few moments exploring the event calendar to coincide your stay at our Narragansett summer rentals with the summer activities in Narragansett.

There’s a lot of fun to be had at this hopping beach, including saltwater bathing, walks along the 26-acres of the site, picnicking at the two large pavilions, and more. Lifeguards are stationed 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seasonally. It is located at 970 Ocean Road.

Salty Brine State Beach

Salty Brine State Beach acts as a nice counterpart to the famous Scarborough State Beach. The Salty Brine overall receives far less foot traffic compared to its larger-sized beach neighbors. A huge breakwater barrier keeps the beach protected and secured from intense seasonal waves. There is a good reason why this site is one of the top spots for families.

The beach was recently renovated with the addition of a new 2,800 sq. foot beach pavilion. The pavilion is a gorgeous attraction on its own, and is supplied by a size 10 KW Bergey wind turbine atop an impressive 100-foot tower.

This tower, alongside a series of hot water solar panels, helps fuel the facility’s heating and cooling and facilitates Narragansett outdoor activities. There’s a concession stand, a seasonally-stationed lifeguard tower, hot showers, and a gorgeous shade structure.

The pavilion’s crowning achievement is a stunning boardwalk along the jetty. Walk on out and enjoy some of the best Narragansett beaches out there.

narragansett rhode island beaches

Narragansett Town Beach

We wanted to make special note of this often overlooked beach escape. Lacking the support of the state beaches above, this local town beach is a delightful and comparatively-quaint getaway. For those looking to avoid the thrills and frills of a state beach (and the potential crowds they may draw) this beach is a welcomed reprieve.

Known for its long flat spread and surfing waters, the beach is an elegant and simple getaway. It is perfect for interested surfers who want the waters a little rougher and couples seeking a quiet romantic evening. The beach is located at 39 Boston Neck Rd.

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