Places to Visit and Things to Do in Narragansett

Narragansett may be a small town, but it boasts some dazzling sights, awesome family-friendly activities, and a constant coastal breeze.

We love to give our guests the best introduction to the world of Narragansett. And we see no better place to start than with the below five things to do in Narragansett.

Overview shot of The Towers in Narragansett

See the Towers

The Towers in Narragansett is probably the most immediately-recognizable attraction in the whole of Rhode Island. From the outside, this spectacular building encapsulates so much of what makes northeastern coastal village architecture so appealing- cone spires, small waterfront windows, densely-layered and colorful brick.

Inside, the building hosts many public events, such as music and dance classes, concerts, lectures, and holiday celebrations. The site is located at 35 Ocean Rd.

Explore the Port of Galilee

If the Towers in Narragansett represented real Rhode Island architecture, the Port of Galilee represents another important piece of the state’s culture- fishing.

This port is a real, active, and prosperous fishing port on the edge of town. You can find some renowned local seafood cafes. Afterward, hop on a sightseeing tour and watch as the vessels pull in after a long day (or week) on the water.

Lounge on the Beach

The Narragansett beaches are not widely trafficked and incredibly quiet. You can often find a cozy place to lounge out for the day, watching the boats float by under the horizon and the birds flock above.

There are about three major beaches that should remain on your radar. These are the Salty Brine State Beach, the Roger Wheeler State Beach, and the Scarborough State Beach.

The Salty Brine is named after Rhode Island’s most widely recognized radio personality in the early ’90s. It’s a cool-and-collected beach escape. A breakwater barrier helps keep the waves mild-mannered and the small facilities help keep crowds to a minimum. This is a great place for anyone looking for a quieter beach escape.

Roger Wheeler is also a safe beach haven for families. A huge breakwater barrier blocks off the more intense coastal waves from the Atlantic. It has lifeguard stations, a concession stand, and a lovely playground. It is located at 100 Sand Hill Cove Road.

Scarborough may be the most popular, with its wide-open 26 acres, its well-maintained facilities, calm waters, and its steady seasonal crowds. The beach has many welcoming features, like a glorious observation tower with views of the shoreline. There’s also a saltwater bathing pool and a picnic/pavilion area.

It consists of about 60 acres of pristine sands and is a great place for families. There’s a reason it stands as Narragansett’s most popular beach.

Inside dining area in the Coast Guard House Restaurant in Rhode Island

Experience Local Restaurants

There are so many different restaurants in Narragansett we can recommend. Are you interested in the elegant and dim lighting of the romantic CAV Restaurant? How about the beautiful outside seating up on the hill available at the Lawn at Castle Hill Inn or the traditional American eating of Trio Rhode Island?

There’s also all sorts of seafood restaurants. We love the playful and energetic dining at Iffy’s Boardwalk Lobster. If you thought lobster was sophisticated and classy, think again! This fun family stop is a nice change of pace from your upscale seafood restaurants.

Of course, we recommend the famous Coast Guard House. It sits right by the rocks and delivers splendid views of the water. This renovated authentic coast guard facility is now one of the town’s most treasured restaurants.

Take the Ferry to Block Island

Sometimes, you just have to get out for an afternoon. You have to take the ferry to Block Island. Cruise along with the Hi-Speed Ferry or slowly and intentionally glide along the water on the Traditional ferry. Both get you to glorious Block Island, a top Rhode Island destination.

These are just a few Narragansett places to visit and things to do- and there’s more. Book your vacation escape today to see it all.

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