Experience a Narragansett Tour and Learn Rhode Island History

Narragansett is more than just a simple vacation destination. Enthusiasts of colonial history, incredible northeastern architecture, classic cars, and more, can find a whole lot to love in the region. Between the coastal havens and the nice architecture can be found illuminating and rewarding museums and historical tours. We cover our five favorites you have to see to believe when staying at one of our Narragansett vacation rentals.

Gilbert Stuart Museum in Rhode Island

Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum

The Gilbert Stuart Museum and grounds are, first and foremost, a restored and furnished 1750 home. But with that comes a look at a simpler era. The museum includes a working gristmill, spacious gardens, open woodland trails, and multiple art galleries featuring work from the 1700s.

The museum was home to Gilbert Stuart, a master portrait artists responsible for numerous presidential portraits. His deep chiaroscuro-styled dark backgrounds and illuminated faces are immortalized in presidential textbooks for generations. You have certainly seen a few yourself (he painted Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and more).

You can walk the gardens, see some of Stuart’s work, and explore the inner halls of his birthplace.

Smith’s Castle

Smith’s Castle has some of the densest histories out of any structure in all the northeast. The site played a pivotal role in politics, farming, business, war, gardening, and more since the 17th century. The site represents all these different areas of history, from its large gardens to its paranormal sighting events. Guests typically come for special events around specific points in history, such as Rhode Island’s role in the civil war (Rhode Island’s Sacrifice in the Civil War), how Smith’s Castle played a role in the lives of Daniel Updike and Wanton Casey (Brothers in Arms on the Homefront), and the paranormal sightings which have perpetrated on the grounds for generations (A Midnight Visit in Smith’s Castle with the Paranormal Group RISEUP).
The museum includes a special gift shop. Visiting is free of charge, but a donation is recommended.

Rough Point

Rough Point Museum is a massive mansion on the water, housing hundreds of pieces of art across an array of rooms. Visitors can experience the architecture, the furnishings, and the décor all as pieces of art in their own right. The multi-room collection covers pottery, statues, busts, piano stools, embroidered panels, and more.

There are also dedicated seasonal exhibits, such as the collection covering the life and story of the famous heiress, Doris Duke, who led a male-dominated billion-dollar business as a woman in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Visitors can also see other attractions on or near the site, such as the Prescott Farm and the Whitehorne House, the only museum in the world featuring 18th-century Newport art.

Take an evening away from one of our summer rentals in Narragansett to spend an afternoon indulging in the absolutely spectacular sights and sounds of this prized museum.

vintage car

Photo from Pixabay

Audrain Automobile Museum

If you love cars of any kind, this is a must-see attraction. The Audrain Automobile Museum may be called an automobile museum, but it’s more art than a car. You get to see all sides of America’s favorite industry. The museum showcases over 200 of the rarest vehicles ever made, including parts, marketing materials, and special artifacts that helped bring them to creation.

The museum is constantly evolving and shifting, incorporating new exhibits based on a theme. Some past and present exhibits include “Horseless to Horsepower,” the early golden age, as well as the birth of future-styled concept cars in the 1970s and how the space age created some of the most bombastic designs in vehicle history.

There are new events almost every month, including the special annual gala. Be sure to visit the website for specific event details and dates.

Tickets to the museum are $15 per adult. Children ages 6 to 17 are $8. Members can get in for free. Members can also receive special perks for upcoming events.

What else can you see? There’s so much more to check out, including the family-friendly Narragansett parks, the historic downtown architecture, and the famous Scarborough Beach. The village is full of attractions and activities galore.

Contact us for some additional ideas and book your rental today to secure your stay at Rhode Island’s loveliest coastal escape.