Where to Get the Best Pizza in South County, RI

Located on the southern coast of Rhode Island, Narragansett offers more than just fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. This town has some of the most delicious pizza restaurants in the state! As a premier provider of Narragansett vacation rentals, our team at Durkin Cottage Realty knows that pizza can be the perfect addition to any beach getaway. 

Finding the perfect slice of pizza should feel like a manageable task. Whether you are looking for a classic pie or a unique style of pizza, indulging in a piece of cheesy goodness shouldn’t have to come with any guesswork. 

Read on to learn more about the best restaurants in Narragansett, Rhode Island, to grab a slice of pizza!

New York Pizza of RI

NY Pizza of RI is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving the Narragansett area. They pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients to create delicious and authentic NY-style pizza. In addition to pizza, they also offer a variety of Italian favorites such as calzones, pasta dishes, subs, and salads. 

Guests rave about the flavorful sauce, crispy crust, and generous toppings on their pizza. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make NY Pizza of RI a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Better yet, you can bring a slice or a whole box back with you to your rental in Narragansett!

Bike Stop Café

The Bike Stop Café is a popular restaurant serving fish tacos, barbeque pulled pork, lobster macaroni and cheese, and pizzas!

The pizzas here are handmade from scratch using locally sourced ingredients and cooked perfectly in a woodfire oven. You will find various classic and unique options that the whole family will love. A fun option is the “Mushroom and Truffle” pizza, which features mushrooms, truffle oil, and fontina cheese. 

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Pasquale’s honors the classic Neapolitan pizza using the finest cheeses, tomatoes, and olive oil straight from Campania, Italy. The well-known family-owned, and operated business cooks pizza in a traditional brick oven. 

Their specialty is thin-crust pizzas with toppings piled high. Their “Quattro Stagioni” is popular, coming topped with mushrooms, ham, olives, and artichokes. Some other fan favorites are the “Chicken Bacon Ranch” pizza and the “Buffalo Chicken” pizza. The pizzas here come in various sizes to suit any sized group!

There are also many other Italian dishes here, including pasta, chicken, and seafood. Pasquale’s restaurant’s food has the same commitment to quality and freshness as its beloved pizzas.

Pasquale’s offers some of the best pizza in Narragansett, Rhode Island! This convenient meal is perfect for returning to one of our beachfront Narragansett rentals.

Mews Tavern

This local favorite has become one of the most legendary Narragansett restaurants and bars! Initially a tiny fisherman’s spot, this tavern has significantly transformed. This restaurant is now known for serving high-quality pizzas with only the finest ingredients and is considered one of the best burger restaurants in Narragansett

The “Big Tony” pizza offered here has a variety of delicious toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and black olives, making it a perfect choice for veggie and meat lovers! You can also find specialty pizzas like the “Buffalo Chicken” pizza with buffalo sauce, chicken, and bleu cheese dressing spread on top of the crust. 

Mews Tavern is an excellent choice if you are looking for quality-crafted pizzas while you vacation this summer at a Narragansett vacation rental in Rhode Island!

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On Point Pizza

This pizza joint recently opened in Narragansett and offers pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more. On Point Pizza is open seven days a week and offers delivery for those not wanting to leave their Narragansett rental.

The menu includes chicken wings, salads, calzones, and a variety of appetizers. There are also many specialty pizzas to choose from. Whatever your cravings are, On Point Pizza has you covered.

Hook Line & Pizza

Located just steps from Scarborough Beach, Hook Line & Pizza offers more than just pizza! For those who enjoy seafood, this restaurant has plenty of options, including shrimp, fish, and steamed mussels.

As far as pizza goes, this restaurant specializes in thin-crust pizza. Specialty pizzas include Margarita, Buffalo Chicken, Hawaiian, and Meat Lover pizzas. Visit Hook Line & Pizza for a delicious meal after a day at the beach!

Where to Stay in Narragansett

If you are a pizza lover planning a summer vacation to Narragansett, Rhode Island, there are many beautiful options. Durkin Cottage Realty has you covered when finding the perfect place to stay. Our wide range of rentals will provide a comfortable home-away-from-home to enjoy your pizza in comfort and style. 

Our range of rental options will suit any budget and group size. Whether planning your next romantic getaway, family beach vacation, or trip with your friends, book your stay with us at Durkin Cottage Realty in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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