Celebrate Thanksgiving in Narragansett

The traditional image of Thanksgiving – what do you see? Pilgrims, perhaps, on the shores of New England partaking of the rich bounties of the land with their Native allies. What better place to spend a Thanksgiving than the shores of New England, where the origins of this beloved holiday find their roots? 

Consider vacationing in the coastal gem of Narragansett for a Rhode Island Thanksgiving. Narragansett has it all: dramatic views, pristine nature, a fascinating history, and close proximity to more urban centers. Numerous festivities in nearby Newport, only a 30-minute drive away, take place during Thanksgiving week. 


Narragansett is a lovely place to celebrate American history. Take a trip to Point Judith Light, a lighthouse dating to 1810, to learn more about East Coast seafaring life. The Towers, also from the 1800s, are the last remains of Narragansett Pier Casino. Going back in time even further, the area was home to the Narragansett people for which the town is named. Brush up on your history to learn what the New World was like when European settlers first arrived!


Narragansett is known for its raw beachside beauty with majestic shorelines and sandy white shores. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take the whole family to the coast at one of the many local beaches: Narragansett Beach, Scarborough State Beaches, Roger W. Wheeler Beach Park, and Salty Brine State Beach. Relax in the sand and watch the local boats and ferries pass you by or take a swim in the refreshing Atlantic waters.

There are also local parks worth a visit for anyone hoping to take a stroll after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Located near a lighthouse, Rose Nulman Park is a great place for a stroll along the shore or a game of catch with the kids. Fishermen’s Memorial State Park offers a “seaside village” atmosphere to campers in addition to courts for basketball and tennis.


As everyone knows, no Thanksgiving is complete without a feast! Narragansett boasts many delicious seafood restaurants, or if you prefer to cook for yourself, there are many local farmers providing fresh produce. For a fancy Thanksgiving meal, Hotel Viking in Newport has extended its restaurant hours through the end of November. 

Newport Festivities

While Narragansett offers a wonderful small-town feel, you might be looking to get out for a night on the town, and there’s no better place than Newport! There, you will find plenty of activities over the Thanksgiving weekend. On Friday evening, check out the Newport Habour Illuminated Boat Parade where 18 boats congregate at the causeway Newport Shipway before traveling south past Bowen’s Wharf. 

If you’re into the music scene, Reggae Fridays on Tavern on Broadway provides Rhode Island’s premier reggae acts. On the same evening, rock legend Lennly Lashley will be reuniting with Skinny Millionaires at Jimmy’s Saloon. Live jazz is available at Greenvale Vineyards (along with some fine wine) the following Saturday afternoon. Stop by Norey’s Star Restaurant later in the evening for 80’s night, which quickly becomes the ultimate sing-along, dance-a-thon.

And of course, whether you love it or hate it, no can forget about Black Friday. Stay in cozy Narragansett if you’re hoping to avoid it, but for anyone hoping to stock up this vacation, definitely pay a visit to the local stores and shopping malls of Newport for all the best deals.

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