Rhode Island Ghost Stories and Hauntings in Narragansett and Nearby Areas

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to plan a haunted getaway!

Rhode Island has some incredible haunted locations and plenty of ghost stories to go around. There are tons of spooky and fun things to do in Narragansett and the surrounding area this fall!

Narragansett Ghost Stories

Narragansett has an incredible history and is most well-known for the witch alter that Joseph Peace Hazard constructed in the early 1880s. He was an eccentric man and an avid traveler who became obsessed with Druids after a trip to Stonehenge and built his own little monument in town. It is believed this spot was used for secret rituals, and some say even sacrifices. One of the stones in the formation, nicknamed “Druids Chair,” is thought to be where Joseph sat to oversee the rituals. Taking a walk around this wooded area makes it easy to picture what might have happened here!

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Halloween Events in Narragansett

There are plenty of great events around Halloween for the whole family in Narragansett. If you have younger kids, the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library hosts a Halloween Party featuring Joe Theroux, a renowned storyteller. If your party is a bit older, the famous Mews Tavern located in downtown Wakefield has an annual Halloween party full of fun costumes and prizes. 

Just a few minutes north of Narragansett is Wickford Villages, a local hub for all things Halloween! Kicking it off with Wicked Week, there are a number of events from scarecrow decorating to haunted house. Finally, they host the famous Horribles Parade, a family event showcasing some of the best costumes and candy in town. 

Newport Ghost Stories

One of the spookiest places in Newport is the Belecourt of Newport, a massive estate on Bellevue Avenue. The Tinney family bought the house in 1956 and housed their antique collection inside. Shortly after the purchase, the family decided to open the house up to the public for guided tours. Not long after, Harle Tinney went to turn off a light in the ballroom and was met with horrible screaming. Other ghosts have been reported around the house, usually walking through walls were doors used to be before the remodeling. 

Newport is also famous for The White House Tavern, said to be the most haunted tavern in America. It was built in 1673 as a courthouse where Colonists, British soldiers, sailors, and the general public would meet. It’s not hard to imagine the different walks of life that have come through this historic building. The ghosts that are reported to haunt the tavern include a seaman who died in the tavern, an elderly Colonial man, and a woman who floats above the dining tables. 

The White House Tavern
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Ghost Tours

Newport has one of the best ghost tours around! For years, Newport did not have any laws about piracy and so the port there became a sort of safe haven for pirates. The Narragansett Bay waters saw many pirates over the years and many people think these pirates are hanging around today. Many tours feature the “Lady in White,” a result of a haunting from a shipwreck off of the northern tip of Block Island. 

Affordable Narragansett rentals make this a great place for the family to vacation in the fall. It’s a great place to spend Halloween with the family, whether you have young kids who want to trick or treat or you are looking for spooky ghost tours!

Plan Your Visit

With such a historic area, there is plenty to do and see. Check out some of our our Rhode Island vacation home rentals to be sure you stay close to all of the action! 

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