Parks and Places to Experience Nature on a Narragansett Vacation

A Narragansett vacation is all about natural relaxation and finding the perfect summer vacation rental. This flagship waterside town in Rhode Island is a treasure for nature enthusiasts who want nothing more than an afternoon by the water, fishing pole in hand, hiking boots tied tight, family and friends in tow.

We look at the top things to and natural places to see on a Narragansett vacation.

outdoor attractions near Narragansett Rhode Island

Rose Nulman Park

This park lacks the size and camp offerings of the Fisherman’s Memorial. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in elegant and simple natural beauty. The park is small; and compact, but its bold ocean views are simply pristine. There are no restrooms and no play area, but that plays into the strength of this tranquil waterside haven. It is the best spot to go to just sit with a picnic blanket and basket and watch the boats slowly roll on by. It removes all the excess and gives you just a quiet destination to relax.

The park is located right by the Judith Lighthouse. The lighthouse is closed to the public, but it makes for an impressive and iconic backdrop for your afternoon by the water.

Fisherman’s Memorial State Park

There is a lot jam-packed into this delightful and rewarding mini-seaside village. The state park offers some pretty amazing opportunities to camp. Large grassy fields give plenty of space to lounge out or play, with nearby basketball and tennis courts for a little sport action.

The park is also right near some of the best Rhode Island beaches, including the Salty Brine and Scarborough. The park is also a brief little drive (about a mile) from the Block Island Ferry Dock. The park is located at Route 108, 1011 Point Judith Road.

outdoor attractions Narragansett Rhode Island

John H. Chafee National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge is like an untapped open terrain of protected preserve land. It features very few man-made elements. There are no clear marked hiking trails and only a handful of places to access the water. But the few who come dip into some impressively remote fishing holes along the Narrow River.

Visitors love to come for the quiet. Popular activities include kayaking and photography. You may even find a few very small but informative educational tours.

Top Narragansett outdoor activities here also include picnicking and birdwatching. The park offers some of the best Rhode Island bird watching in the northeast for seasonal and local species. It is also well-known as a bastion for the black duck, the largest concentration of the species in the state.

The park lines up with the southern coast of Rhode Island, and delivers breathtaking vistas and quiet fishing spots for anyone seeking some solace.

Black Point Trail

This 2.1 mile trail is a moderately-challenging romp along the water near Narragansett. It is a dazzling trip by the rocks, and is accessible year-round. It is one of the best hiking trails near Narragansett we have come across. You have water views for almost the entire trail, and even dogs are allowed (though they must be on a leash).

The trail conveniently winds out and back, so you can head all the way to the end at Scarborough State Park and have a convenient path back through to the small parking area. The lot has a small facility, as well.

These are just some of the parks near Narragansett we have come to love. Explore our Narragansett summer rentals map and find the perfect place to stay. Looking for a place to stay during a particular week? Check out our Narraganset summer rentals availability calendar. Don’t miss out on a rewarding and under-the-radar vacation getaway to one of the northeast’s most prized gems.

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