Go Surfing on Your Next Narragansett, RI Vacation

When you think about going surfing, your mind probably goes straight to places such as California or Hawaii – probably not Rhode Island, right? Whether you consider yourself an expert surfer or you have never been out on a board before, Narragansett surfing offers experiences for every skill level. Before you check into our Narragansett vacation rentals, check out these surf spots and shops to get you ready to hit the waves!

Surfing in Narragansett is one of the most popular things for visitors and locals alike!

Narragansett Surf Spots

Before you start planning your surfing adventure, you will want to learn about the best surf spots in the area. The waters of the Narragansett area are ideal for all surfers of ages and skill levels, allowing you to share this incredible sport with the ones you love most. Check out at least one of these popular surf spots while in town!

Narragansett Town Beach

Many people flock to Narragansett Town Beach to relax on the shore or wade in the water, but it is also an excellent surf spot. The beach breaks here are perfect for beginners, but intermediate and advanced surfers can also find some big waves to tackle. The entry fee is $8 per person to get in and $10 to park on the weekdays or $15 to park on the weekends.

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Point Judith

Point Judith has long been known for the breathtaking Judith Point Lighthouse, and the surfing conditions here are just as impressive. Head to the southern point of Narragansett to find Rose Nulman Park, which offers free parking and consistent waves and swells all year long. Surfers can tackle these waves on a shortboard or a longboard, but keep in mind that these waves can be a bit tough to handle and are not recommended for beginners. For those with the experience, be sure to have your surfing boots. Those tackling these waves will find a completely unique experience from anywhere else in the northeast.

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If you are looking for a bit of a day trip from Narragansett, head over to Matunuck in South Kingstown to find surfing conditions ideal for all experience levels. One of the most popular places to surf here is Deep Hole, which offers long rides with wave breaks far out from the shore. The waves here don’t get incredibly big, so they’re great for beginners. Be sure to watch out for rocks, particularly during low tide. Once you’re done surfing, grab a bite to eat at the nearby Ocean Mist Grill or the Matunuck Pizza Company!

Monahan’s Dock

Another place to surf in Narragansett is Monahan’s Dock. You may also hear this area referred to as State Pier #5 or Tucker’s Rock. Here, you’ll find some of the heaviest waves in Rhode Island, so it’s safe to say that only experienced surfers should get out on these waters. Although the rides here are short, you may risk heading right into the jetty and losing or breaking your board. It goes without saying that the surfing conditions here are genuinely exhilarating and make for a surfing trip you won’t find anywhere else.

Narragansett Surf Shops

Now that you know where to surf in the area, you’ll need to get some gear. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about bringing your surfboard from home. Plenty of Narragansett surf shops can set you up with the perfect equipment and affordable boards to get you out on the water quickly.

Warm Winds

Warm Winds has been a local staple since 1973 and, in addition to providing the most top-quality surf gear available, focuses on ocean conservancy and education. They constantly have a vast selection of surfboards in stock, with more than 600 options for surfers of any skill level. If you don’t want to purchase a surfboard, you can easily rent a foam top surfboard for two hours ($15), four hours ($25), or an entire day ($35). They also offer wet suits, bodyboards, and skimboards for rent. If it’s your first time surfing, you can even book surf lessons with Warm Winds!

Narragansett Surf & Skate Shop

Operating in Narragansett since 1966, the Narragansett Surf & Skate Shop has everything you need to hit the waves and have the time of your life. Their surfboard rentals are perfect for all ages and skill levels, and they’re great for those on a budget, as you can rent a surfboard for just $30 per day. You can also rent a wetsuit for $30, complete with boots and gloves if needed, or get booties and gloves on your own for a $15 rental. Interested in a one-hour lesson? Private lessons start at $60, lessons for two cost $50 per student, and lessons for three to 10 surfers cost $45 per unit.

Drift Surf

Located in nearby Wakefield, Drift Surf Shop offers everything you may need for an incredible day out on the waves. Their wide selection of soft-top Catch Surf surfboards are great for beginners or pros, and they each come equipped with a leash. You can rent a surfboard for $30 for one day, $50 for two days, or $15 for each additional day. Wetsuits and car racks are also available for rent. Drift Surf also provides surf lessons that last 1 hour and 15 minutes. They will work directly with you to plan the perfect time for your lesson, with affordable costs at just $70 for a private session or $60 per person for two to three people.

Matunuck Surf Shop

Finally, we head back to Matunuck to visit the Matunuck Surf Shop. Established in 2018, this surf shop is an incredible destination for all your surfing needs, including apparel, accessories, and surfboard rentals! You can truly customize your rental experience by renting for a half-day ($40), full-day ($60), two days ($100), or seven days ($299). Paddleboards and wetsuits are also available for rent.

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Of all the fun things to do in Narragansett, surfing is one activity that you won’t want to miss out on. Luckily, there are plenty of great spots to surf near our vacation rentals in Narragansett, RI! Contact our team today to learn more about our properties and start booking your trip to Narragansett!

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