Explore The Beavertail Lighthouse on Your Narragansett Vacation

A visit to the East Coast wouldn’t be complete with spotting some lighthouses! These bright, towering buildings are impossible to miss, and they represent the rugged character of the coast. They are more than just ornamental, of course, and each lighthouse has its own unique history, which most likely includes having saved countless sailors from storms.

One of the most interesting historical attractions near Narragansett is the Beavertail Lighthouse. During your vacation, it is certainly worth a visit!


This lighthouse has been around almost as long as European settlers. In 1697, a group of settlers from Newport purchased Conanicut Island from the original Narragansett Native Americans. In 1712, an official petition was made to create a lighthouse in this spot, and a tax was imposed on goods entering Newport in order to fund this project. By 1749, the first lighthouse was finally constructed. 

Beavertail lighthouse on the coast near our Narragansett beach house rentals

Through the 18th and 19th centuries, the lighthouse deteriorated several times due to aging and unfortunate fires, but each time it was reconstructed. In 1931, the first electric light beacon was installed, marking a new era in the age of the lighthouse. By 1939, the US Coast Guard took over managing the lighthouse, and they continue these duties today.

The Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association was founded in 1993, and throughout the 2000s, many restoration projects took place, as well as the creation of museum exhibits for the public to enjoy. Today, the museum welcomes all who want to learn more about lighthouses and specifically Beavertail! The lighthouse can even be seen from some of our waterfront Narragansett vacation rentals!

Things To Do at the Lighthouse

Thanks to the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association, the lighthouse now has many displays and exhibits that explain the maritime history of the region. Guests are welcome to tour these displays and ask questions of the local volunteers.

However, the highlight of the visit for most is climbing to the very top of the lighthouse tower. Both hands must be free, and climbers must be at least 4 feet tall. There are 49 stairs in this spiraling staircase, and a 7-foot ladder must be climbed to reach the observation catwalk. Once you make it to the top, the effort will be worth it! You will be rewarded with incredible views of the bay. 

To commemorate your trip, you may choose to purchase a small lighthouse-themed souvenir at the gift shop. There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats with the Beavertail Lighthouse logo. Also available for purchase is a large collection of locally made jewelry, such as sea glass items. Lighthouse-themed books and postcards are for sale, so the kids are included. There is even a Beavertail coloring book! Your purchases go directly towards supporting the maintenance of the lighthouse.

Beavertail Lighthouse Hours & Location

Hours and dates are dependent on the month and the weather. The museum and the tower are not always open at the same time, so if climbing to the top of the lighthouse is important to you, be sure to check the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association for a specific list of openings. 

Plan Your Stay

Vising and exploring lighthouses is a great activity the whole family can enjoy! Make sure you take a look at our offerings and pick your ideal rental!

You can visit the lighthouse on Beavertail Road in Jamestown. It is located at the very southern tip of the island. 
After your trip to Beavertail, return to one of our Rhode Island beach vacation rentals. These cozy properties offer incredible views that will make your trip all the more memorable. We offer larger homes as well as small and intimate Rhode Island cottage rentals. They are centrally located, so it is easy to visit all the local attractions – including the famous Judith Point Lighthouse! Not all lighthouses are the same. Each has its own charm and character, just like our rentals.

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