Exciting Things to Do in Narragansett on Your Summer Vacation

When you visit Narragansett in the summer, you may wonder what you can do. Many events are happening during the summer that will interest everyone. You’ll easily be able to find something for everyone to enjoy while on vacation. Enjoy concerts, movies, festivals, and much more. Here, you can learn about some of the best things to do in Narragansett.

While staying in one of our Rhode Island vacation rentals, be sure to attend a few of these fun events!

Movies on the Beach

During a trip to Narragansett, one of the things that people enjoy is Movies on the Beach. Films are shown every Wednesday throughout the summer, ensuring that Wednesday evenings are full of fun. However, keep in mind that not all movies are appropriate for everyone. There are a few movies that are adult-only and some that are for families. 

To attend a movie on the beach, you will need to head to the Cabana Horseshoe around dusk. Try to head to the Horseshoe early to ensure you get a good spot! Movies start at dusk and will continue to happen unless storms or rain occur. However, do not worry; special days are set aside in case of rain or storms. 

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Concerts at the Clubhouse

There are many summer events in Narragansett, but one of the most beloved is the Concerts at the Clubhouse. These performances are free of charge, perfect for those on a budget. The concerts are open to the public so you can see the acts any time they play!

Concerts take place every Monday throughout the summer. The bands will begin around 6:30 in the evening, but you’re welcome to get there early to get your seat (and to grab a bite from one of the food trucks that will be there starting at 6). There are many diverse types of bands playing throughout the summer, so no matter what kind of music you like, you’ll be able to attend a fun performance. 

Rhode Island Calamari Festival

Many people love the Rhode Island Calamari Festival. It happens in September, and it is a state-wide event. It is one of the biggest events in Rhode Island! This event will serve upwards of 3,000 pounds of calamari. Keep in mind that crowds can become large at this festival; the festival averages at least 4,000 people each year. People come from all over to experience the fun.

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About Rhode Island Calamari Festival

If you are considering attending the festival, check out our vacation rentals in Narragansett, RI, which are moments from the celebration and other attractions. The weather is ideal for a festival and a beach stay! 

Why does Rhode Island hold a calamari festival? Well, the exquisite coastline has given the land the name of “America’s First Resort.” Plus, the land has the second-largest fishing group in the area. The squid that these ships bring in is known for its high quality; this is why squid is Rhode Island’s state appetizer!

The event is known for the amazing food from the local anglers, great music from many bands, and the fascinating history of Narragansett. Many consider this event to be the way to end summer with a bang! 

Attendees can vote for the best food in the area during this festival. Local restaurants enter competitions to win three categories: the best overall restaurant, the most spirited, and the most inventive restaurant. 

If you are not interested in seafood, you can enjoy the many other activities the Calamari Festival offers. You’ll find music, food trucks (with land and vegetarian offerings), shopping, and even activities for children. It is a place for everyone to come and relax to enjoy their vacation. 

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Event Information 

Children who are under the age of 12 will be free to enter. Those 13 and older will be asked to pay a small admission fee. Tickets are available online or in person. The festival is held under a tent at Veteran’s Park in Narragansett, so it can go on rain or shine.

Many local restaurants will be entered in the tasting contest. As stated above, the winners will get an award.

You can park on the street and take a trolley to get to the festival. All those who have paid for a festival ticket will be able to enjoy a trolley ride free of charge. Street parking can be found at the North Lot near Town Beach and on Ocean Road. Keep in mind that many people attend this event, so it may be difficult to find parking. That is why it may be best to find a bike rental so you can bike to the festival. Even as a family, rentals are available near the area so that children can bike. 

Plan Your Stay

Join us at these Narragansett summer events! Contact Durkin today to get started planning your trip! 

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